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Young Howler


Young Howler is an Alternative Rock quartet from Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Composed from past graduates of the Red Deer College Music Program; Zach, Danson, Colin and Craig set out to bring catchy tunes to anyone in an earshot. Their music draws from elements of groove and funk with pop driven melodies and harmonies that is sure to pull you to the dance floor.


Vocals/Guitar/Keys - Zach McQueen
Bass - Danson Desrosiers
Guitar/Keys - Craig Gomez
Drums - Colin Langstraat



Somewhere I Belong

by Young Howler

Their debut release “Somewhere I Belong” showcases the bands ability to combine their big sound and catchy hooks with thought provoking and inspirational lyrics. Songs such as “Home” and “All I’ve Ever Wanted” make you want to dance all night, while “The Millennial” and the title track hit the listener with a thick atmospheric sound (although you still can’t help but tap your toes). These emotionally charged anthems of self discovery and perseverance come as a refreshing cleanser in the pop alternative music world. Young Howler has created something new that is bound to make their listeners take notice while they tear up the dance floor.


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